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The Art of Imitation

The Gallery 8680

Frisco portrait photographer Olivia Ogren-Hrejsa will be exhibiting a collection of her recent work at The Gallery 8680, from October 2nd through 3rd. The show is entitled The Art of Imitation and will feature a series of portraits inspired by 19th-century American paintings.

Pandemic Fuels Creativity for Frisco Artist

This spring’s mandatory business shutdown in North Texas forced many entrepreneurs to panic or to adapt. A Frisco artist found the sudden time at home to be an unexpected gift, allowing her to realize her artistic vision. Olivia Ogren-Hrejsa, a Frisco portrait photographer, made the most of her downtime to complete a series of historically inspired portraits that explore humanity’s connection to nature. Her recent work will be featured in a gallery show in early October.

The Art of Imitation features a collection of 16 portraits, most of which were inspired by 19th-century American paintings. The show is open from October 2nd through 3rd.and is hosted by The Gallery 8680 in Frisco

Ms. Ogren-Hrejsa used the structure of 19th-century paintings to examine how humans connect to the natural world, and she incorporated a bit of humor in for good measure. The themes of connection and joy have long been present in Ms. Ogren-Hrejsa’s photographic work.

“I hope viewers will be captivated by the subjects in each piece. Then I hope they will study the portraits to discover details hidden within,” shared Ms. Ogren-Hrejsa

The inspiration for The Art of Imitation began when Ms. Ogren-Hrejsa encountered a painting by American artist Ammi Phillips at the Amon Carter Museum in January. Ms. Ogren-Hrejsa said she was captivated by his piece, 'Girl with Cat,' circa 1814. 

“I was struck by the strong resemblance the subject had to my friend’s daughter. But it was the odd perspectives within the painting, specifically how the subject’s eyes were skewed, that cracked me up!” explained Ms. Ogren-Hrejsa. “That painting stuck with me and compelled me to create my own ‘portrait paintings’ in a similar style.”

Shortly after Ms. Ogren-Hrejsa’s encounter with Mr. Phillips's work, she started researching American 19th-century portraits. She found many similarities in the paintings, often called folk art. “The backgrounds of these paintings were quite sparse, and the subjects were painted in a simplified manner,” Ms. Ogren-Hrejsa said. “Details were saved for the subject’s fine clothing or hair. Many times pets or family possessions were included in the composition.” 

Olivia Ogren-Hrejsa is a frequently published, freelance photographer and is a recognized photographic artist. Her work has been displayed in Frisco’s annual Art in the Atrium shows in 2009 and 2010. She was awarded the title of Honorary Spider Fellow in 2010 for her nature work in the 5th Annual Black & White Spider Awards, an international photography competition. In addition to her editorial and commercial work, Ms. Ogren-Hrejsa accepts commissions from private families. Her goal is to help busy families easily enjoy their finished portraits

The Gallery 8680 is located at 8680 Main Street, Frisco, Texas.

For more information or high-resolution images, please contact Olivia Ogren-Hrejsa via email at [email protected] or call 214-908-8983.

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