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Nothing Sacred

Goldmark Cultural Center: Artspace & Studios

The Goldmark Cultural Center is proud to present Nothing Sacred, an exhibition of new works by oil painter Mack Brim. Featuring 11 paintings that are inspired by the origin story of Adam and Eve, the exhibition explores the themes of shame and lust from a feminine perspective.

The exhibition is open to visitors by appointment only until September 30th. Viewings can be arranged by emailing [email protected]

About the Artist

I’m Mack and I’m an oil painter currently living in Dallas, TX. I’m originally from Oklahoma and I studied painting at the University of Oklahoma.

My body of work is constantly evolving, but right now I’m really focused on creating pieces that are intense and confrontational. I am interested in exploring narratives and aesthetic visions that have previously been disregarded. I love to represent young women and their stories in my pieces as an exploration of femininity and the current landscape.

Characterized by bright and dreamy colors, my body of work melds traditional technique with a modern aesthetic. As a young woman finding my place in this world, my art follows suit. I love to explore the ideas of vulnerability and intimacy in feminine relationships with the self. There are undertones of sensuality, that represent the ways in which we can be intimate with ourselves as women. The ability to appreciate and love oneself first has been an important touchstone in my development, as well as in my art.

It’s my intention to create work that facilitates important conversations and makes women feel seen. I just love painting and the art world so much. I believe it’s my purpose to share my story through my work and empower others to do the same.

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