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Vote=Voice (Spanish Voto=Voz)

Arts Council of Fort Worth

Artist Delia deVer partners with Artist Sedrick and Letitia Huckaby creators of the "End Racism Now" street mural installation in down town Fort Worth to form an art movement to swiftly inspire people to register to vote and to vote.

We are creating Murals throughout the city focusing on the marginalized populations and their communities.
"Vote = Voice is a collective, artist-led initiative deploying creative talent to combat the stifling effects of low voter turnout and restore the principle of government by the people and for the people!" - from Sedrick Huckaby's Vote=Voice inspired Mission State.

Please join our effort to inspire people through Murals and other creative material in our community to Vote!

We are inviting you to bring your creative talents and/or organizational talents, connections, resources and ideas to Vote=Voice and would be honored to have you participate!

We have groups forming for: Southside, Northside, Riverside, Eastside and Westside.

Please join the mural planning, assist in the organizing and spread the word! Time is of the essence and our goals are swift to get folks to register by October and to vote by mail (if qualified per Texas current limitations) or as soon as the early polls are open or on Election Day! Our murals and other creative materials are to engage, inspire and inform the citizens of Fort Worth and beyond to get ready to Vote now because everyone's vote equals their voice! We are happy to support other Cities near and far to adopt our effort!

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1300 Gendy Street · Fort Worth, TX 76107