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Lindy Chambers: Obscura

Valley House Gallery & Sculpture Garden

Valley House Gallery is pleased to welcome back Lindy Chambers for her third solo exhibition. Born in Tennessee, Lindy, an identical twin, spent her youth drawing and riding horses before moving to Texas in 1972. Her early focus on sculpture shifted when the foundry she built to cast her own bronzes burned to the ground. She turned to painting, inspired by rural trailer life around her Bellville, Texas, home. The trailers, where dogs and goats once ruled, are now peopled with human activity: drive-in movies, family reunions, bike riding, playing games, mowing the yard, watching flying saucers, gardening, etc.

About her recent paintings, Lindy Chambers says:

"Most of my inspiration comes from rural Texas. My focus begins when I leave the highway pavement and drive on dirt and gravel roads in the country. I am oddly drawn to the obscure habitats and curious color combinations that I find off-road. Before every painting, I make a series of black-and-white thumbnail sketches. When I start to paint, the color is intuitive, and the process is spontaneous. I try to listen to the canvas and react to it. If I overthink the painting, it is likely to end up in Danny’s burn pile."

Solo exhibitions of Lindy Chambers' work will be held in the upcoming year at the Lawrence Arts Center, Lawrence, Kansas, Women & Their Work, Austin, Texas, and the Fort Worth Community Arts Center, Fort Worth, Texas.

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