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Vivrant Thang

500X Gallery

500X Gallery hosts the first physical show in their new gallery space, Vivrant Thang. Curated by Ciara Elle Bryant, Vivrant Thang features the work of 12 Black artists including Jeremy Biggers, Ari Brielle, Ciara Elle Bryant, Xxavier Carter, LaShonda Cooks, Danielle Demetria, Jer'Lisa Devezin, Elizabeth Hill, David Jeremiah, Jas Mardis, Jamilia Mendez, and Desiree Vaniecia. Vivrant Thang is an ode to Q-Tip as well as the sample from the original Love Unlimited Orchestra song I Wanna Stay.

Q-Tip defines Vivrant Thang as a take on the French word 'vivant' which means living. He is quoted as saying "So it's... like a feeling, just like a breath of fresh air, kind of, like, spunky. Poppin’, zest, and all that there." With that Ciara looked at what she felt the definition of living was as a Black woman and this is what she came up with:

Living is experiencing, persisting, breathing, surviving, flourishing, prospering, and providing nourishment.

Vivrant Thang is and will be a safe space. It serves as an alliance as well a reflection for the artist to create for themselves. It will give you a moment to just explore what your definition of living is and how it can be reflected in your work. Vivrant Thang gives a chance for the artist to be surrounded by kindred souls while providing a space where the viewer can see multiple facets of Black artwork. Viewing a collection of works by Black artists can change how Black artwork is viewed. This gives a new breadth to how Black artists can exist in the “Art World."

As a member-run gallery, 500X has chosen to build a community that supports Black artists as well other artists of color. Black art should be shown everywhere, not in designated spaces or areas or only during specific times.

There will be a virtual reception on August 15th from 7-8:30 pm. Vivrant Thang will be on view from August 15 through September 6, 2020 at 500X Gallery. The new address is 516 Fabrication Street, Dallas, TX 75212. The exhibition will be available to view on www.500x.org and on Saturday and Sundays, by appointment only.

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516 Fabrication Street · Dallas, TX 75212