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Goldmark Spotlight Exhibition

Goldmark Cultural Center: Artspace & Studios

The Goldmark Cultural Center is proud to present the Goldmark Spotlight Exhibition. Consisting of multiple installations showcasing the artwork of participating Goldmark artists, the Spotlight Exhibition is intended to provide the artists with a stress-free exhibition opportunity during these stressful times and simultaneously encourage the artists to take advantage of the newly improved track lighting at the Goldmark Cultural Center. The Spotlight Exhibition sees each artist being allocated one or more well-illuminated spaces in which to install individual displays of their recent work.

Featured artists include Barbara Franklin, Guangtian Ai, Lisa Covert, Vicki Charlotta, Eva Kustarne, April Soncrant, Nomaan Mohammed, Margo Miller, Du Chau, Larry Garcia, and more.

The Spotlight Exhibition will be on display at the Goldmark Cultural Center through August 31, 2020. All proceeds from sales of artwork through the exhibition go directly to the respective Goldmark artist; no commission is collected.

Photos of the various installations which constitute the exhibition can be viewed online here. More photos and videos will be added over time in order to comprehensively catalog and document the exhibition.

Visitors wishing to view the exhibition in person are required to make an appointment via [email protected]

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14001 Goldmark Drive · Dallas, TX 75240