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Everything Will Be Fine

Dallas Parks & Rec Center - Pleasant Oaks Recreation Center

Prism Movement Theater, in collaboration with the Pleasant Oaks Recreation Center, District 5 Council Member Jaime Resendez, and other community leaders are proud to announce the first drive in dance-theater experience entitled Everything Will Be Fine.

 “I believe that exposure to the arts is critical in our development as successful individuals. This presentation is a first-ever event in the city of Dallas, and I’m excited that it’s happening in District 5. I want to express my sincere thanks to Prism Movement Theater and our fantastic board and commission members Lorena Tule-Romain and Priscilla Rice for their hard work in bringing this to our community!” said Council Member Jaime Resendez.

Everything Will Be Fine is about a woman learning how to deal with a new world and her well-meaning (if slightly clueless) friends after experiencing an unthinkable loss. As she moves with her friends amongst the flashing car lights, bringing joy to a tragic situation, we learn that to accept our loss and embrace our present circumstances, we'll have to take it one dance at a time.

Director/Producer: Jeff Colangelo

Co Director/ Director of Choreography: Kwame Lilly

Playwright- Zoe Kerr

Starring: Kelsey Milbourne, Mitchell Stephens, Ania Lyons, Lauren Floyd, Rai Barnard, Thorn Hughes

Technical Director: Jonah Gutierrez

SAFETY GUIDELINES: Packed into forty-five minutes, Everything Will Be Fine is a spirited drive in theater experience that is designed to be experienced safely in our current pandemic. Our ushers, staff and performers will be wearing masks and obeying social distancing guidelines to ensure safety during rehearsals and performance. We are also asking our guests to follow these simple guidelines help ensure their safety and enjoyment during the experience:

Once guests arrive, they will be asked to display their ticket on their dashboard. If they not have a ticket, guests will be asked to swipe their own card at our usher's card reader. This is the only instance of close proximity to our staff that will be required during the experience.

Once admitted, guests will be led to their assigned parking spots, all spaced away from each other to encourage social distancing. Once parked, guests are encouraged to stay in their car as they tune in to a specific radio station that will be given at the gate.

After that, guests can sit back and relax to our show's electronic/rock music underscoring a beautiful live performance, told entirely through dance.

Once the show is finished ushers will be available to help guide guests out of the parking lot safely.

Tickets can be found at this link: https://www.eventbrite.com/e/everything-will-be-fine-pleasant-oaks-tickets-108158390658

Please visit www.prismco.org for more info!


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  • $16-$32

8701 Greenmound Avenue · Dallas, TX 75227