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National Arts Drive

Dallas Arts District

RAW is the world’s largest independent arts organization. They have hosted art showcase events in 70 cities around the globe for the last 11 years. As you might have guessed COVID-19 has put the organization on hold for the foreseeable future.

I’ve joined forces with RAW as a community ambassador to help produce a national fundraiser and community experience titled, The National Arts Drive.

On Saturday, June 20th, 2020, during a 3-hour period, across 10 major US cities, we’re inviting all artists and creatives to showcase or perform from windows, balconies, driveways, front yards, workspaces, or even a borrowed commercial space (where applicable and safe). Essentially blanketing the country in creative expression!

This project is in response to the fact that 64% of artists and creative workers are currently unemployed due to the crisis*. Opportunities for artists to be seen, heard, and supported through events, tours, or showcases have been made impossible, almost overnight. Artists are really feeling the impact from all angles.

In addition, we’re inviting community supporters to take a drive down their city blocks and suburban streets to see and hear local artists, performers, musicians and designers living in their community. The driving experience will be paired with a mobile website that will mark the performance and/or installation location on a map and allow for drivers to donate directly to the artist from their car via Venmo or PayPal from a safe and healthy distance.

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