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IN BETWEEN| Solo Show by Romulo Martinez


About In Between

Everything has its space and time, that moment is constructed from a variety of physical and incorporeal elements that in each dawn awakens the memory to create a new present, pointing towards the future. From here, a moment, an instant,

 IN BETWEEN is born, an exhibition that expresses the artist's personal journey around the aesthetic questions of his artistic production based on the color and the inspirations that it brings, accompanied by the dispositions of inhabiting and adapting psychically / bodily to a new space at this time.

IN BETWEEN, reflects the interior of the artist and the continuous search for new morphological perspectives that describe and conceptualize color, especially those ones that come from iridescent phenomena, with the intention of making light tangible and materialize it. It is an exhibition where you can see the chromatic trilogy within his study and the colorful confluences that can be generated between them to give rise to unexpected and fortuitous shades. They are two techniques used and present for the same purpose, to recreate this phenomenon through overlays capable of getting you lost in depths, distances, and nearness, vapors, and auras.

IN BETWEEN establishes dual situations, between spaces, techniques and experimentations of the representation, between the abstract and the figurative, between the luminous spectrum and the emotional aura behind a person or object, with the aim of exposing the color as the protagonist in the exhibition and in our lives with the incidents that this may arouse.


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