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All These Horizons

Maestri Gallery

All These Horizons opens on March 5th, 2020 at Maestri Gallery in Dallas, Texas. The exhibition will feature a variety of works in different mediums by London based artist Tom Jean Webb.
Through visual language, Tom Jean Webb expresses the intangible oneness, balance in dichotomy, and the eternal mystery through an idiosyncratic gesture of symbology. Exploring the depth of our human condition and relationship to one another and the natural world through quiet contemplation, solitude, and ceremony. A visual poem as told by journeymen, wandering on through space and time in search of meaningful connection, peace and wisdom. The result is an otherworldly experience that feels at tune with the now.
“Toms work has always been a surprise to everyone who has come into the gallery. We are excited to display works that extend this feeling and showcasing works within his different mediums. His works in sculpture are the works I am excited to see the most since he uses found materials and places them delicately together to compliment his canvas works.” – Chris Huffman, Gallery Manager
All These Horizons opens on March 5th and will run till April 9th. The opening reception is to be held at Maestri Gallery on March 5th from 6-8 p.m. with drinks and appetizers. We strongly encourage an RSVP at the link below. This is an open event, and all are welcome.

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401 Expositiion Ave · Dallas, TX 75226

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