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Save Tarrant Water Home Landscaping Seminar

Tarrant County Resource Connection

February 8, 2020

Save Tarrant Water Home Landscaping Seminar

One of two dates and locations!

Free! Register online at STWHomeLandscapingSeminar.eventbrite.com.

Tarrant County Resource Connection Gym

2300 Circle Drive, Fort Worth, TX 76119

8:30 am to 12 pm. Doors open at 8 am.

Whether you are new to North Texas or just new to gardening in general, this event will arm you with all the knowledge you need for a lush landscape. This helpful seminar is designed to provide homeowners with a foundation to create lavish landscapes using sustainable methods. Learn how to maintain a healthy lawn, create a beautiful ornamental garden, and grow a productive vegetable garden amidst the challenges the unique climate and soils of North Texas throw our way.

Learn gardening tips from local experts at the Tarrant County Master Gardeners and Texas AgriLife Water University to set your landscape up for success! Join us for this one-of-a-kind gardening seminar at either of two dates and locations

What you can expect:

8:30 am “The Dirt on North Texas Soils” 

  • Soil Testing
  • Proper Fertilization
  • Composting


9:10 am “The Best Irrigation Practices to Make Plants Thrive!” 

  • The Catch Can Test
  • The Cycle and Soak Irrigation Method
  • Irrigation Nozzles
  • Drip Irrigation
  • Rainwater Harvesting


9:40 am Break and Open for Q&A

10:00 am “Ornamental Plants for North Texas Landscapes” 

  • Native and Adapted Plant for North Texas
  • Basic Design Principals
  • Maintenance for a Beautiful and Healthy Landscape

10:50 am “Growing Tough Texas Turf”

  • Selecting the Right Species
  • Lawn Maintenance
  • Pre-emergent Herbicides
  • Problem Solving Tips

11:20 am – “Herb and Vegetable Gardening in North Texas”

  • Plant Selection
  • Common Issues
  • Resources for Maximum Harvest

12:00 pm  End Program and Open for Q&A

Free! Register online at STWHomeLandscapingSeminar.eventbrite.com.


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Box Office
  • 817-720-4432

1800 Circle Drive · Fort Worth, TX 76119

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