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Laura Roosevelt: Historic American Pop

Jesuit Dallas Museum

Laura Roosevelt, Franklin and Eleanor’s great-granddaughter specializes in abstract mixed media painting. Laura Roosevelt’s passion for history has pioneered a new form of American art with her “Historic American Pop” series. These pieces incorporate iconic photographs with textured, abstract backgrounds, reshaping the experience of those moments frozen in time.

The exhibit “Historic American Pop: A Collaborated Historical Perspective of Abstract Art and the Words of Eleanor and Franklin Roosevelt” will feature Roosevelt’s art along with Eleanor and Franklin’s words, chosen by her sister Elizabeth Roosevelt Kelly and their late great-aunt Chandler Roosevelt Lindsley.

Laura received her BA in Studio Art and Art History from Dennison University and her MA from NYU. Her pieces are in numerous private collections. Recent exhibitions include "The Art of The Roosevelts: FDR Hyde Park NY," The Aspen Institute Coordinating Exhibition with Ken Burn’s symposium, "Pearl Harbor: A Day That Will Live in Infamy," "Gensler Architecture: Abstract Pallets and Historic American Pop."

Jesuit Dallas Museum @Jesuit College Prep, Historical Library, Front Entrance
12345 Inwood Road, Dallas, TX 75244

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