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Freedom Folk Music Festival

Texan Theater

We are doing a folk music festival on March 14th at the incredibly beautiful Texan Theater in Greenville Texas. We will be showcasing Jana Pochop, Tony Ramey, AJ Johnston, Johnny C. Lately, Hannah Kirby and Susan Gibson.  It should be lots of fun and the Texan Theater is extraordinary!  You can spend the afternoon listening to some of the best local folk music talent out there today.  I venture to guess you will hear a little of everything music-wise. It will be a good time.  There will be good food and drink and a nice relaxed atmosphere in which to spend time with your friends and family.

We also are doing a “community project” where we will be asking people to bring a purse or backpack filled with goodies for someone in need. The contents could be: toiletries, snacks, socks, gloves/beanie, lady business products, dental products, etc. and it will come in a purse or backpack that they get to choose.  This would be might provide a little relief for someone on the streets or maybe a woman who left a bad situation with just the clothes on her back.  Anyone coming to the festival could do this, man, woman and kiddo.  Kiddos find themselves in these situations due to no fault of their own.  Having their own bag with maybe a toy in it might be just what they need to get a little boost in their world.  We will collect these at the festival and be giving them to Women in Need and Fish Ministries here in Greenville, who deal with these people on a daily basis. I just think we all have so much and can share.

The website is almost ready: freedomfolkmusicfestival.myfreesites.net



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