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Kids Watercolor Workshop

Wildflower Art Studio

Our Watercolor Workshop covers a variety of watercolor painting techniques. Students will be introduced to inspiring new artists while learning to create their own unique masterpiece! 

This 2 hour workshop provides engaging art instruction along with NEW inspiring art projects. Spring Semester workshops are focused on Art History, Creativity and an overview of the Elements and Principles of Art & Design.

Artists that are joining us for the full semester will also receive a personalized sketchbook to continue their art practice at home.

Our Spring Kids Workshop series is designed to help students embrace their unique individuality.  It builds self-confidence, encourages creativity and helps children develop problem-solving skills and right-brained “original” thinking.

While each workshop is designed to build upon the previous workshop, students are also welcome to join us for individual workshops. We recommend registering for the Semester to benefit from the full curriculum, designed to meet both state and national Art Education standards & requirements.

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  • $45

715 North Locust Street · Denton, TX 76201