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Stitch With Us: Embroidery Workshop

Dallas Contemporary

Join us for a healing session of radical embroidery inspired by artists John Currin and Alicja Kwade. More and more, embroidery is being used as a medium for social expression; join us for an evening exploring wormholes, the multiverse, the male gaze, and human desire through embroidery. Let’s all stitch it out.

Wine included for those 21 years of age.

$10 per person. Registration is required.

Exhibition information:

John Currin: My Life as a Man

My Life as a Man will focus exclusively on John Currin’s depictions of his own gender, examining provocative depictions of a range of masculine identities over the course of his career. This occasion will mark the first-ever attempt to track the evolution of Currin’s male iconography in a museum context.

Alicja Kwade: Moving in Glances

Alicja Kwade’s work employs ordinary materials such as glass, steel, and concrete to explore the conventions developed by humanity in order explain natural phenomena. In questioning the absolute nature of the concept of time, the metric system, and the value of commodities, Kwade reminds us that reality is not absolute—it is what we have agreed upon collectively as a global society.


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  • $10

161 Glass St. · Dallas, TX 75207