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The Clown Gym

Soar Creative

The Clown Gym

Where a "normal" gym hones the body through rigorous exercise, The Clown Gym similarly trains the body, mind, and spirit with a constantly-evolving collection of games, theatrical explorations, and opportunities to fail spectacularly (and often hilariously) with other like-minded people.

Specific focus is placed on helping participants chip away at the things that block them from their natural state of wonder. Those blocks prevent emotional connection with an audience, which can leave performances lacking a crucial human element.

By re-discovering wonder and joy, and sharpening the theatrical tools necessary to express those feelings effectively, any sort of performance can come to life in an authentic, tension-free and playful way.

The Clown Gym's twice-weekly sessions are facilitated by Russ Sharek, attended by all performing members of the Circus Freaks, and made possible by sponsorship from our generous extended circus family at Soar Creative Studios.

The Clown Gym Mondays and Wednesday from 7-10pm*

*Typically the last hour of The Clown Gym is left open as practice session for ground-based circus arts, physical theater, flow arts, and other variety performance skills.*

Soar Creative
1337 Chemical Street
Dallas, TX 75207

*The Clown Gym* is part of a residency program at *Soar Creative*. If you are interested in participating, please contact us for more information.

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