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Mungo Thomson: Background Extinction

galerie frank elbaz

galerie frank elbaz is pleased to announce Background Extinction, an exhibition of new and recent work by Los Angeles artist Mungo Thomson. Mungo Thomson’s work addresses everyday cultural and material production through a lens of deep time and cosmic scale. In this exhibition, he presents new Wall Calendar lightboxes and selections from his series The Windham-Hill Works.

Thomson's new lightbox works display calendar pages as if held up to the sun, allowing the reverse side of the page to show through. The images on the front and back of the page are collaged together with light – a calendar graphic with a photograph of a mountain, the grid of a single month embedded in an image of geological time. These images are printed on either side of a single piece of fabric and stretched over a custom LED light box at an immersive scale. These works consider geochronology from a precarious contemporary vantage, using everyday, art-adjacent materials that already hang on the wall. Like Thomson’s earliest wind chime works, the lightboxes pair evocations of elevated consciousness and spiritual pilgrimage with pragmatic home decor.

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