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Jazz Bicycle Tour

Fort Worth Public Library - Ella Mae Shamblee Branch

The Jazz Bicycle Tour (also known as JBT 2019) is the creative placekeeping project co-directed by two local artists: Tammy Gomez--avid bicyclist and founder of Sound Culture--and Laney Yarber--jazz aficionado and founder of Pedestrian Dance.  They will be hosting a community bicycle ride through the Historic Southside and downtown Fort Worth, stopping briefly (5-10 minutes) at locations along the way that hold jazz history and lore.

The Jazz Bicycle Tour will kick off at the Ella Mae Shamblee Public Library, where a first-time exhibit of jazz drummer Ronald Shannon Jackson (1940-2013) artifacts and memorabilia will be unveiled. Another highlight will be a live musical performance by music curator and jazz heritage musician Rachella Parks-Washington—at the Scat Jazz Lounge in downtown FW.

The JBT is on Saturday, October 19th—from 3-6pm. (It’s the same day as Arts Goggle, so plan your day of fun accordingly!) This afternoon event will be family-friendly and is open to both bicyclists and non-bicyclists. (People in cars can meet us at the Shamblee Public Library, the Scat Jazz Lounge, or at Record Town.) Though there will be no admission fee to participate, financial donations will be gratefully accepted. For those who do not own a bicycle, the folks at Fort Worth Bike Sharing will provide their rental bikes free of charge for participants in our community ride.

The highlight of the Jazz Bicycle Tour will be a live musical performance by bandleader and jazz heritage musician Rachella Parks-Washington—a Fort Worth native and protégé of drummer Ronald Shannon Jackson.  Ms. Parks-Washington will bring jazz music history alive with a brief (45-minute) concert at the Scat Jazz Lounge in downtown Fort Worth.  A special guest will present jazz poetry by Langston Hughes and bicyclist-participants will have the chance to win door prizes.

Also: @JBT2019 on FB.



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