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Red River Rivalry Debate

Old Parkland

For those wanting to participate in the University of Texas vs. Oklahoma University Red River Rivalry OFF the football field and IN an academic field, they are invited to attend the Second Annual Red River Rivalry Debate being held THIS Thursday, October 10th at 5 p.m. at the Old Parkland campus. The debate teams from each university will debate the current topic of affirmative action admissions policies.  
The Texas vs. OU debate is open to the public and will allow guests to not only listen to the debate proposition, but also vote for who they thought presented the winning arguments.

The debate topic is:Resolved: race-based affirmative action admissions policies provide a just means to remedy discrimination.  
The debate is being held in Old Parkland’s Debate Chamber located in The Pavilion, part of the Old Parkland campus whose design is inspired by Thomas Jefferson’s Monticello. The three-story building features a glass dome and public gathering space with a grand spiral staircase leading down to a large, underground debate chamber that hosts debates throughout the year.  

Located on a beautiful 9.5-acre site, Old Parkland features a master-planned, Class-A office space and a spectacular array of amenities. The heart of the campus is a building that served as Dallas’ first hospital, the 102-year-old Parkland Hospital that Crow Holdings meticulously preserved and renovated in 2008 as its corporate headquarters. Listed on the National Register of Historic Places, the office campus community uniquely blends Old Parkland’s rich history of innovation and education with thoughtfully placed art and architectural elements that invite reflection on the nation’s heritage and stimulate new ideas and answers to today’s issues.

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Limited seating so please reserve your place as soon as possible.

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