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Past Events

Backyard Story Night

The Wild Detectives

We’ll see everyone again in the backyard of The Wild Detectives on Sunday, October 20th at 7:00 pm! The theme for October is BONES. So drag out those skeletons from your closet and share spooky stories of creaks and cracks, ghosts and ghouls, or maybe even how you broke a bone or two. Submit your story to be featured as one of our storytellers at: https://bit.ly/2otbrWW

“Flesh, blood, bone–the body is only a container for who we truly are inside.”
― Megan Shepherd



Started in Austin, TX, Backyard Story Night is the brainchild of John Brewster and Meg Mattingly (Please note: Meg and John will not host this event). Now we’re experimenting with Dallas story telling events! The goal is simple: gather friends – and friends of friends – in a backyard to share real, unrehearsed stories. Please note: this event is ideal for 18+, as the stories have not been vetted or rehearsed.

Drinks and food will be available for purchase from The Wild Detectives. Also, parking is tight – we encourage walking, biking, Ubering, or carpooling!

Official Site  

314 W. 8th St · Dallas, TX 75208