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Ticket Giveaway: Cliburn Concerts, Day 3

by Stephen Becker 11 Aug 2010 12:05 PM

Wow – you all really are hot for these Cliburn Concerts tickets. As we explained on Monday, each day this week we’re giving away a pair of tickets to the concert of your choice. You can check out the concert lineup here.

After two easy giveaways, it seems it might be time to make this competition a tad more difficult. So here’s the deal. The first person to e-mail me ([email protected]) with the YEAR that Van Cliburn won the first International Tchaikovsky Piano Competition in Moscow wins the tickets. Please include your name and hometown.

UPDATE: Well that was extra quick. Congratulations to Mercy of Fort Worth, our winner. And, as you surely know, the correct answer is 1958.