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Giveaway: Passes to See ‘Disconnect’

by Stephen Becker 2 Apr 2013 3:07 PM

If you’re a movie, and you get into both the Venice Film Festival and Toronto International Film Festival, there’s a strong chance you’re at least interesting, if not very good.

Disconnect is a film that holds that double-festival distinction. It’s plot is kinda tough to summarize, but if sounds very much in the vain of films like Babel, 360 and Crash – stories with many characters who on the surface are unrelated but who find themselves intersecting with complete strangers in meaningful ways. It’s directed by Henry Alex Rubin, who made Murderball, one of the best documentaries of the last 10 years.

If interwoven plotlines are your thing, Disconnect hits theaters on April 19. But why wait until then when you can see the movie early? For free. All you’ve got to do is download one of our passes (password: ARTSEEV0J8) to a special advanced screening on April 9 at the Angelika Film Center in Dallas. And get there early – passes are first come, first served, and these things always fill up.

If you make it in, be sure to swing back by and drop us a comment to let us know how the movie is.