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Ishi Captures The Feeling Of Summer With “Goody Goody”

by Nilufer Arsala 12 Nov 2020 6:00 AM

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Ishi was formed in Dallas in 2006 by friends JT Mudd and Brad Dale. The band features a high energy live show experience, with music that borrows from both folk and electronic genres. Ishi’s first album was released in 2010, and through the years the band has experienced lineup changes.

Ishi. Photo: Jonathan Zizzo

Today, frontman Mudd is the sole member of the group while Dale still helps with production, and vocalist Nia Brock is also occasionally featured in the group. While Ishi could easily be described as an electronic band, the decision not to commit Ishi to a particular genre was intentional.

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“I tend to write all my main songs on guitar and it either goes into straight electronic production or it stays a little rootsy or folky or indie-rock,” Mudd said, “So, that was kind of the main premise of not limiting ourselves into a particular genre.”

Ishi’s new single, “Goody Goody”, continues the theme of not being constrained by genre. Mudd sings gently over a beat that is both intricate and groovy and Dallas hip hop group Cure for Paranoia is featured on the track.

“I love Cure for Paranoia, and Cam (Cameron McCloud) is probably one of the most underrated emcees in Dallas,” Mudd said.

(Warning: The song below contains explicit language.)

Mudd got the idea for the lyrics for “Goody Goody” while at a pool party. He tried to capture that free feeling of summer in the song.

“It’s definitely just an exploration of summer love and just enjoying that with good friends at a pool party. So, it was just trying to capture that vibe during that experience,” Mudd said.

“Goody Goody” is the third single off of Ishi’s upcoming album Sweet Gold, which will be released in early 2021. Ishi will be performing in Houston at the New Potato on Saturday, November 21st and plans on heading back to Dallas for New Year’s Eve. You can follow the band on the Ishi website, Facebook, Soundcloud, and Instagram for new music and upcoming shows.

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