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Are Uke Crazy? Beginner Ukulele Classes For Frisco Kids

by Jessica Cross 29 Aug 2020 6:00 AM

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The Frisco School of Music and Arts is offering introductory ukulele classes for young beginners. These classes are designed to help students prepare for guitar classes by getting started on a smaller string instrument. These classes are Hawaiian themed with leis, colorful ukuleles and teachers donning tropical shirts!

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Image courtesy of the Frisco School of Music.

The group classes have up to 6 students per class with one-on-one teaching as well as ensemble practice. The classes are notation-based and focus on reading music and rhythms, techniques, ensembles, and music theory activities. Each class meets weekly and is 55 minutes long. Students will learn a variety of fun songs like Baby Shark, We Will Rock You, and more. The school also offers private ukulele lessons, too.

Image courtesy of the Frisco School of Music.

There are Parent Performance Days that are scheduled throughout the year, and teachers will assess each students’ progress and recommend private ukulele lessons or guitar at the appropriate time. Students should have a ukulele at home to practice weekly assignments, but ukuleles are provided if this isn’t possible.

Image courtesy of the Frisco School of Music.


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