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Looking Forward With The Greater Denton Arts Council

by Therese Powell 8 Apr 2020 6:36 AM

Every day on Art&Seek, we’re talking to people who have tips for staying creative and calm. Share yours with us on Facebook, Instagram or @artandseek on Twitter. Click above to listen to Georgina Ngozi from the Greater Denton Arts Council as she shares her tip with KERA’s Nilufer Arsala.   

Photo: Georgina Ngozi

Georgina Ngozi, the Executive Director of the Greater Denton Arts Council, is using this downtime to reflect on what’s possible in the future for arts and culture in Denton. She’s been kicking around all sorts of ideas about what the GDAC should do once we’re done sheltering in place, but the one she likes best is a party for the city. “I’d like to return to a new normal in celebration with a dancing-in-the-streets block party at the Greater Denton Arts Council. These are hard times, but I believe people will come out better on the other of this,”  said Georgina.

“And while I am looking forward to the future, I also want to let everyone know what we’re doing at GDAC now. On all of our social media platforms, you can view our current exhibitions– “Materials Hard + Soft,” “The Art of Jay McKey,” “Floralis Masculus” and works from Youth Art Month.”

View GDAC current online exhibitions and support local musicians & artists through the Denton Music and Arts Collaborative at

“Visitors to our sites can also take art lessons from our education coordinator Christine Sanders. Christine has lead videos on paint pouring, how to create works using things found around the house like shaving cream and food coloring, and the basics of watercolor. People are encouraged to watch the videos and share any works they create on their own on our Facebook page.”

Photo: Greater Denton Arts Council

“Rock gardens are another at-home activities we’ve shared on our website. We encouraged families to find rocks around their homes and stack them into the tallest or most creative designs. Then we encourage everyone to share their works on our page or on Instagram tagging the organization.”

We also have a collage challenge up on all of our social media platforms with a theme of Deep Reflection. This activity is our program coordinator’s take on “Be Still” take the time to watch the clouds. We asked our followers to create a collage from home from their reflections today.”

Photo: Greater Denton Arts Council

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