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A Song From The Windows Of A Dallas Apartment Building

by Anne Bothwell 20 Mar 2020 8:24 PM

Inspired by the folks in Italy singing from their balconies, a resident of South Side on Lamar, the old Sears warehouse in the Cedars, convinced some folks to fling open their windows Friday and burst into song.

Full disclosure: I live in the building.

Embarrassing side note: I was chained to my computer, working, when this happened.

Fortunately, another resident, filmmaker and long-time KERA TV contributor Mark Birnbaum, captured the moment.

Bonnie Curry, from KLTY 94.9, organized the sing-along. And Danzel Barber owns the lovely voice leading the other residents.

Over the weekend, the video went viral. Barber and Curry have been fielding calls from media around the country, including NPR.

“I think it was really a video people wanted to see, needed to see, in such a gloomy time,” said Barber. “So responses have been amazing.”

Barber credits his mom for his great voice, and while he’s not in a band or choir, he does enjoy singing whenever he gets the chance.

A little light note at the end of a tough week. Stay safe, and enjoy the weekend.