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Oscar Preview: ‘Marriage Story’

by Stephen Becker 16 Jan 2020 8:00 AM

The Netflix movie “Marriage Story” picked up six Oscars nominations when they were announced Monday – including one for Best Picture. In this week’s Art&Seek Spotlight, we begin our Oscars preview series by talking with Dallas divorce attorney Laura Caston about how the process plays out in the film.

Laura Caston on …

… how the amicable split in “Marriage Story” predictably turned ugly:

“Unfortunately, sometimes that doesn’t always work out. Usually because either one: The parties believe that they have an agreement, and then when it’s actually reduced to writing, they realize that they actually did not have a meeting of the minds. Or, number two: Something occurs that changes the deal.

On how the legal process of divorce can ramp up animosity:

“Third party involvement in any relationship is challenging, and I think “Marriage Story” very accurately captured what happens when you have a lawyer getting involved.  What happens when you have the legal process involved. What happens when you have a court-appointed counselor or social worker involved in your life. Unfortunately, there’s so much pressure applied in this situation, and there’s a magnifying glass on every single movement.”