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Frame of Mind: Extraordinary Ordinary People

by Amy Roh 9 Oct 2018 9:54 AM

This week, filmmaker Alan Govenar introduces us to a group of truly unique figures in “Extraordinary Ordinary People”.


This week on Frame of Mind, we meet several creatives who have upheld and shaped unique traditions across the United States. From basket weaving to boat making, aerial art to quilting, filmmaker Alan Govenar details each creative’s talent in his film, “Extraordinary Ordinary People”.

Here is a brief look into some of the distinct figures in the film:

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Bettye Kimbrell

Bettye Kimbrell has been a master folk artist who specializes in traditional quilting practices, but has been pushing the envelope on design. A lover of nature, Kimbrell uses real flora and fauna in her quilts to get the authentic look of each leaf – flaws and all.

Teri Rofkar

An Alaska native artist, Teri Rofkar specializes in spruce root baskets. She works with a type of basket weaving that has been the same for centuries. Staying true to the traditions that have been passed down from generation to generation is what makes Rofkar’s art so remarkable.

Jeronimo Lozano

The tradition of making retablos, figurines that involve the portrayal of saints and daily life, is Jeronimo Lozano’s area of expertise. However, Lozano has made the art his own by incorporating scenes of American and Peruvian history. Being an artist is a passion of his, but not necessarily his main job.