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Frame of Mind: Texas Tales

by Miguel Perez 1 Nov 2017 3:01 PM

Episode 9 focuses on narrative fiction from drama to romantic comedy

A still from "Nacido de Nuevo" by Evan Kaufmann.

This week’s episode of “Frame of Mind” features a mix of drama, comedy, and historical fiction. These short films are a little longer than what we’ve seen in past episodes, but that gives them room to explore ideas like grief, gender, and redemption more fully.

Catch these Reel Texas Tales on Frame of Mind Thursday at 10 p.m. on KERA TV. Here’s a quick primer on each of the featured films.

“1917” by Joshua Gallas

As the title aptly suggests, this drama takes place in during World War I. It follows a Turkish man fleeing his home country during the war. He finds himself in Texas, struggling to survive as a farmhand.

It premiered at the Austin Revolution Film Festival in September and it took home a “Best College Film” honor. Gallas is based in DFW, and his films have shown at Orlando Film Festival, Lone Star Film Festival, Cucalorus Film Festival, and the Dallas International Film Festival.

“Imago” by Liz Cardenas Franke

Still from "IMAGO" by Liz Cardenas Franke

Still from “IMAGO” by Liz Cardenas Franke

“IMAGO” is Franke’s second short film, and it’s played at a number of fests: SXSW, Sarasota, Maryland, Frameline, Oak Cliff, and OutFest. It follows transgender teen Jessie as she confronts her abusive father and embraces her gender identity. The story is based on the life of Franke’s niece, and the email that frames the narrative is the actual message Jessie wrote to her father.

Franke was also the co-producer for “A Ghost Story,” the recent David Lowery-directed film that was shot here in Dallas.

“Quince” by Cristina Gonzalez

Loss and grief are explored in this coming-of-age piece. It’s hard to believe this poignant short was led by a student filmmaker at UNT. Director and screenwriter Cristina Gonzalez tells the story of Diana as she prepares and celebrates her 15th birthday with a quinceanera without her father.

The film — funded independently with a Kickstarted campaign — won a Jury Special Mention award at the Festival De Cine Latino Americano in Fort Worth in September.

“Empty Calories” by Natasha Paris

This short keeps it simple. We follow Lory as she goes on a series of cringe-inducing dates at a cupcake shop. Paris directed and co-wrote the piece for the Dallas 48 Hour Film Project. Participants are given 2 days to write, produce, and edit a six-minute short with specific elements that have to be in the film. What do you think the elements were for “Empty Calories?”

“Nacido de Nuevo” by Evan Kaufmann

A still from "Nacido de Nuevo" by Evan Kaufmann.

A still from “Nacido de Nuevo” by Evan Kaufmann.

This short stars “Narcos” actor Juan Pablo Raba as border patrol agent Ramon Nunez. On the anniversary of his son’s death, Nunez has a life-altering experience with a pregnant woman trying to cross the border.