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KXT Sun Sets: The Wind And The Wave And Jacob Metcalf

by Francesca Paris 29 Jun 2016 10:47 AM

“Grey’s Anatomy”-featured band The Wind and The Wave plays with Dallas local Jacob Metcalf at this week’s KXT Sun Sets.


On Thursday, KXT Sun Sets will feature The Wind and The Wave and Jacob Metcalf on the roof of Dallas Power & Light.

KXT Sun Sets: every other Thursday, 7 p.m., The Pool at Dallas Power & Light. Learn more and buy tickets.

Dwight A. Baker and Patricia Lynn Drew are The Wind and The Wave, respectively. The two came together in 2012, but forming a band and producing an album, Lynn told “Pop Break,” was “less of a decision and more of just something we tripped and fell into.” They released their first album, “From the Wreckage,” in 2014.

If the name sounds familiar, it may be because the television show “Grey’s Anatomy” has featured two of their covers: Cindy Lauper’s “Time After Time” in season 10 and Snow Patrol’s “Chasing Cars” in season 11.

“From the Wreckage” is hard to categorize — it’s in parts alternative, country, pop and rock — but it revolves around a few cohesive themes: Drew sings about leaving home and beginning again, often with company, with lyrics like “So I’m making room on a boat I built for one” and “Watch the fire burn until there’s nothing left but sparks, ’cause home is anywhere we are.”

“It’s a snapshot of a period of someone’s life,” Lynn said to “Pop Break.” “It is about new beginnings, and knowing that regardless of where you came from, if you want to break the mold or make a change, you can do that.”

Opening for the band is Jacob Metcalf. He isn’t a Texan by birth, but the singer-songwriter has made Dallas his home over the past twelve years, as he crafted his first album, “Fjord.”

“Fjord” took the better part of a decade, six different recording studios and 20 artists from the Dallas-Fort Worth area to complete: Metcalf isn’t a person who takes “shortcuts.” He wrote the words and music for each song separately, only putting them together when he was satisfied that he had something excellent on paper — all the while working day jobs in construction, service and retail. He says that he’s glad he took “the scenic route” because he learned so much, about music and himself.

“Fjord,” for Metcalf, is an attempt to capture the insurmountable divides that exist between people. He says he was inspired by seeing a fjord in person, one river separating two mountains.

“I was inspired by that as a metaphor for how people can never truly be one,” Metcalf says. “It’s kind of the tragic human condition to me, that as much as we love each other, we can never be the same.” The album, he says, celebrates and mourns that condition at the same time.

At Sun Sets, Metcalf will perform solo from “Fjord.” Depending on his mood, he may throw in other tracks, including a cover of a friend’s song, a Frank Sinatra tune or even a sneak peek from his next album — which he promises he’ll finish well before the next decade is up.

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