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Max Anderson’s Impeccable Timing

by Jerome Weeks 24 Nov 2015 12:49 PM

The Dynamic Max left the DMA in September — very suddenly yet very conveniently, it seemed, for a job at New Cities Foundation. Two months later, he’s running the foundation. Good luck with that — as Peter Simek’s article in ‘D’ reveals.


anderson 3cut

Just as Peter Simek’s excellent piece about former DMA director Max Anderson’s abrupt departure from the museum (and the tightlipped silence from the museum about why) — just as it appears online in FrontRow, comes word from the ‘New York Times’ that Anderson, who left in September to be head of the grants program at the New Cities Foundation, is now the executive director of the whole darned thing.

Wait, what? Or to quote the ‘Times’: “Well, that was quick.”