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Art Conspiracy’s SKEWED: Meet Artist Leighton Autrey

by Anne Bothwell 4 Jun 2015 4:40 PM

skewed autreyArt Conspiracy’s SKEWED, the annual party to raise money for the big Art Conspiracy auction in the fall, is this weekend. And once again, ArtCon’s Martha Belden is introducing us to some of the artists whose work you’ll see Saturday night. 

Leighton Autrey took a dramatic turn on his career path—from Major League Baseball prospect to professional artist—because sometimes life happens and shakes up what we see as our role in life. In Leighton’s case, he decided his purpose was to create visual art filled with hope and meaning.

“I draw inspiration from many things,” he says. “Mainly culture and the Holy Bible. I try to mix current events and modern culture with biblical text.”

While Leighton didn’t start taking art seriously as a potential career path till much later, he says he has been drawing since he was four years old. Then in 2008, he was introduced to Art Conspiracy, and things began to change.

“I have been a part of their shows for the past few years,” he explains. “Art Con means a lot to me because that was my first show ever, in 2008. Now my artwork has gone around the world.”

These humble beginnings eventually led to his piece Wavering, James 1:2-8 being displayed in London during the Summer 2012 Summer Olympics and, now, as part of an exhibit at the one hundredth gallery in Melbourne, Australia. His success has only spurred Leighton to work even more diligently.

“The raw skill I had inspired me to work harder and drive to make it as an artist,” he says.Although he resides in Waxahachie, his studio is located in Deep Ellum. As an active, established part of the Dallas art scene, Leighton is grateful for what Art Con achieves.

“The most important thing Art Con accomplishes for the Dallas community is an awareness of all artists in the DFW area,” he says. “From established to up-and-coming to first-time artists, they help them all out and get the community involved.”

Leighton immediately embraced this year’s SKEWED theme and his assignment of the word education, and we can’t wait to see what he does with it.

“Anybody can have a skewed view on anything. We all have had or need education, and I’m going to portray it in an unusual manner.”

Check out some of his work and learn a little more about Leighton.

Art Conspiracy presents SKEWED Saturday night.