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The Big Screen: High Kicking With The Rangerettes

by Stephen Becker 22 Apr 2015 2:00 PM


BIG SCREEN LOGO FOR POSTThe Kilgore College Rangerettes have performed at presidential inaugurations, New Year’s Day parades and events across the globe – all in their signature red, white and blue uniforms. A new documentary looks at the history of the world’s first drill team and follows high-kicking hopefuls who hope to continue the tradition. This week, we talk to its creative team.

Sweethearts of the Gridiron screens at the Angelika Film Center on Saturday afternoon at 4:30.

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  • MorganHamilton

    *VERY LOUD BUZZER NOISE!!!* The Rangerettes maybe the most *famous* drill team Gussie Nell started but they were *NOT* the first! She started The Flaming Flashes at the Greenville (TX) High School a few years before. Yep they do the same kinds of routines and the uniforms aren’t all that different.

    I can’t begin to say how very, very irate it makes me to ALWAYS have the false claim of The Rangerettes being the first. And yes, Greenville girl born and raised. Why do you ask?

  • MorganHamilton

    Sorry y’all felt the need to not post my comment

  • JeromeWeeks

    Sorry, no, the problem is that part of the staff (me) was out of town the past three days. But now they’re both posted. Thanks for commenting.