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UPDATE: Dallas Re-Instates Arts Grants – Applications START Friday

by Jerome Weeks 24 Feb 2015 1:15 PM

OK, I confused two programs that both involve the city, the arts and the date Feb. 27. The Community Arts Program (CAP) is about performances and workshops. It’s NOT the new Special Support Grant — which wasn’t supposed to be announced until Feb. 27. That’s why the deadline for CAP is Feb. 27. OCA wanted it out of the way, so … there wouldn’t be any confusion.


moneySo here’s my original post: It used to be called the Neighborhood Touring Program, but that got killed in the budget cuts of 2009. Now it’s the Community Arts Program (CAP) and you can read about how to apply for grants here on the Office of Cultural Affairs’ page. (Basically, you download an application form and fill it out.)

And you can go here for the 2015 CAP guidelines.  This is not really intended for public art (sculptures and the like). The guidelines stipulate whether your work can be one-time performance/workshop, a workshop series (2-4 days) or a residency (2-8 weeks).

Here’s the big kicker though: YOU’VE GOT UNTIL THIS FRIDAY BY 6 P.M. TO APPLY.

HERE’S MY UPDATE: You’ve got until Friday to apply for the CAP program, which is NOT the city’s new art grants program. That new program is called Special Support Grants and Friday is when those applications START. The city didn’t want the Special Support Grants process to be announced or to start until after the CAP program deadline was done … so, ahem, there wouldn’t be any confusion.

Which is precisely what I did, confuse the two programs. To make amends, I’m posting the correct info on these new $1000 to $5000 arts grants:

Cultural Projects Program – Special Support Grant

As part of a new Office of Cultural Affairs initiative, a funding program to support special projects for
non-profit cultural arts organizations and individual artists in any discipline has been established.
Awards of $1,000 – $5,000 will be made to support projects by emerging and mid-size arts organizations
and individual artists in any discipline not currently supported in the COP and CPP programs. Awards will
be made multiple times during the City’s fiscal year and must take place within the city limits of Dallas.
1. Nonprofit 501(c)(3) arts and cultural organizations whose administrative offices are located within
the City limits of Dallas
2. Individual Artists with permanent residence in the City of Dallas
3. Only 1 application per organization/artist per deadline will be accepted.
4. Organization/Artists will only be eligible for one award per fiscal year.
5. Priority will be given to new works by emerging organizations with an operation history of at least
three years, and cultural organizations that have an annual operating budget under $1,000,000
based on prior year’s actual expenses.
6. Individual artists must have at least 3 years experience in their field.
7. All projects must happen within the City limits of Dallas during the timeframe for ea

Applications will not be accepted for the following:
1. Activities which do not have a cultural or artistic focus or whose primary focus is religious or
political in nature
2. Projects planned primarily for fundraising purposes
3. Activities restricted to members or which do not benefit the general public
4. Tuition expenses
5. College/university or school projects that are part of a course or curriculum or which do not
benefit the general public
6. Scholarships, cash prizes or awards
7. Underwriting of capital expenditures (buildings, land, permanent equipment or artwork)
8. Activities that have occurred prior to the signing of the cultural service contract
9. Underwriting of past deficits
10. Endowments
11. Non-contract related services, lobbying, attorney’s fees, fees for penalties, and fees for
incorporation or obtaining tax-exempt status
To Apply:
Go to click on “Programs” and then “Cultural Contract Services” -on the right
hand side of that page look for – “To access the Online Cultural Application” that will link you to the
online applications. Information that will be needed to apply;
1. Date(s) of the project
2. Description of the project and its artistic merit to be funded
3. Marketing and promotion plans for the project
4. The project ability to reach new or expanded audience
6. Individual Artists will need to submit resumes or vitas and documentation of work and organizations
with need to include a history of the organization
The Cultural Affairs Commission’s Allocation Committee will review all applications and determine the
recipients of the Awards. The Committee will use the following criteria for making the awards:
1. Artistic excellence of the project (50 pts)
2. Marketing and promotion plans for the project (15 pts)
3. Audience reach of the project to new or expanded audiences in Dallas (15 pts)
4. Is the budget realistic for implementation of the project (15 pts)
5. The artistic excellence of the artist or organization (5 pts)
Final Reports:
All Artists/Arts and Cultural Organizations that are awarded funding will be required to do a final
summary report of the project and provide documentation of the work.
Contracts and Awards:
All Cultural Arts Organizations/Artists will need to sign a contract for services with the City of Dallas.
Payment schedules will be determined per award.
Application Available Online– February 27, 2015
MARCH 27, 2015 For events scheduled between April 15, 2015-June 30, 2015
JUNE 5, 2015 For events scheduled between July 1, 2015-September 1, 2015

Questions? Charla Sanderson, Cultural Programs Manager – Email: [email protected]