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ArtCon 10 Artist Spotlight: Richard “Dicky Van Tastic” Ross

by Mashal Noor 6 Nov 2014 12:24 PM

Meet another artist who will create work this weekend for Art Conspiracy on Nov. 15. Thanks to Martha Belden, for introducing us.


Art Conspiracy, the artist-driven philanthropy, holds its 9th installment in just a little over a week. This weekend, more than 100 artists will gather to create work in 24 hours. It will all be auctioned off at a giant warehouse party on Nov. 15, at 500 Singleton Blvd.  To gear up, the ArtCon team has provided us with introductions to a few of this year’s participating conspirators. Thanks to Martha Belden for introducing us to Richard Ross.


Richard Ross might just be the embodiment of what Art Conspiracy stands for all wrapped up in one persona – musical, artistic, unconventional. He’s been making art since he was a child, but it was years later that he finally embraced the moniker – artist. “I nearly failed art in high school and went into music instead,” he says. “Making flyers for the bands I was in caused me to get some attention for my visual art, and from there I decided to focus more on art.”

Moved from an early age to “make a sound” with the voice life had given him, Richard has spent most of his life expressing himself exuberantly – whether through the punk rock scene or his dynamic visual art.

As far as what inspires him creatively, Richard says he is a voracious reader, primarily on the topics of psychology and philosophy. “My focus in recent years has been on grand narratives and their impact on our lives,” he says. “We’re bombarded nowadays with so much stimuli that it’s difficult to weed out our own voices in this noise.”

Spending time quietly considering and contemplating new ideas and concepts stimulates his creativity. “The value of an artist isn’t in reproducing what they hear and see, but it’s in contributing a new phrase or vision to the conversation.”

Richard has remained eagerly involved with Art Conspiracy since year one. “Aside from the tremendous charity work it does, Art Con brings the community together and gives it action and a voice to its being,” he says. “It also gives all of us a chance to get away from our electronic social media friendships and come together physically to share ideas, sweat, and smiles.”