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Dallas Artist Gabriel Dawe Continues To String Us Along

by Jerome Weeks 8 Oct 2014 12:35 PM

Gabriel Dawe installed one of his shimmering, woven-thread artworks in Crystal Bridges’ current-art survey, Plexus No. 27, and this weekend Conduit Gallery is presenting his latest works in a three-person exhibition.


dawe in crystal bridgeseditPlexus No. 27 by Gabriel Dawe at Crystal Bridges. Photo: Jerome Weeks

Gabriel Dawe, you surely remember, is the Dallas artist who works in colored thread — miles of the stuff, which he stretches and weaves into shimmering curves, string art on steroids, as he describes it. One of his newest works (above) is featured in the Crystal Bridges museum’s cross-country survey of contemporary American artists, State of the Art, which we wrote about here. And Alison Jardine profiled him here when he installed his piece, Plexus, at 2100 Ross.

This weekend, Conduit Gallery opens an exhibition with three artists, Vincent Falsetta, Sarah Ball and Dawe. This time,the thread isn’t stretched. Many of Dawe’s pieces are site-specific and temporary — they’re installations — and when they’re done, he ‘de-installs’ them, collecting all the thread. So at Conduit, which is hosting an opening reception Saturday evening, Dawe is offering Requiem for a Fallen Structure, which features his initial drawings and plans for ten Plexus installations, plus the threads themselves. The exhibition also includes a new thread installation.