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WRECKED Artist Profile: Diane Durant

by Adelina Sun 5 Jun 2014 4:16 PM

Meet Diane Durant, Fort Worth photographer and UT-Dallas photography professor. She’s joining Art Conspiracy for their WRECKED event this Saturday.


Fort Worth photographer Diane Durant is participating in this year’s WRECKED event for Art Conspiracy. Thanks to the encouragement of friend and Art Con Executive Director, Erica Felicella, the UT-Dallas photography professor makes her Art Conspiracy debut this Saturday at Life in Deep Ellum. In this guest blog from Art Conspiracy’s Martha Belden, we learn a bit more about Diane.

After receiving a Polaroid Sun 600 from her parents at age seven, Diane found her safe haven behind the lens. She began shooting in 35mm when she was 12 and has always considered herself an artist in one fashion or another since before she can remember. “Being an artist isn’t a hobby or a job or a whim — for me, it’s a necessity,” she says.

Diane’s inspiration comes from the landscape and narrative of Texas. The history, language, and storytelling traditions in her home state act as an impetus for her art. Two of her greatest influences are narrative artist Vernon Fisher and American author Richard Brautigan.

Diane Durant's recent work in medium format documents her trip between Cool TX, Cool CA, and Cool IA.

Diane Durant’s recent work in medium format documents her trip between Cool TX, Cool CA, and Cool IA.

As for her first Art Con event, Diane is excited about this year’s challenge and looks forward to being a part of the event. “Being given a prompt like we were, as a jumping off point or something to respond to, actually worked well for me; it’s similar to how I often generate ideas in my own work.”