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WRECKED Artist Profile: Roxanne Mather

by Adelina Sun 4 Jun 2014 3:39 PM

Art Conspiracy’s Martha Belden is guest-blogging this week, introducing some of the artists participating in WRECKED this weekend. Roxanne Mather, a San Diego native but now Dallas-based painter, is first up.


Guest blogger Martha Belden, of Art Conspiracy, is sharing her profiles of some of the artists from  this weekend’s  WRECKED event.  First up, Dallas-based painter Roxanne Mather,  who makes her first artistic contribution to ArtCon this weekend.

Originally from San Diego, California, Roxanne earned her BFA from UCSD and has been drawing for as long as she can remember. She has been painting oil and acrylic since 2003 but her move to Dallas in 2012 inspired her to really become an artist. “The rich culture and art community inspired me to follow my dreams while experiencing some success in a short period of time,” she shares.

Artists that Roxanne has come across over the years have heavily influenced her path as an artist. In particular, she worked closely with LA-based artist and documentarian Amy Adler as an undergraduate and when Roxanne moved to Dallas, she met local artist Cathey Miller, who has significantly impacted her current work. Painter James Gobel is one of Roxanne’s favorite artists as well.

Aside from Dallas and her beloved fellow artists, Roxanne says she finds her muse primarily in her own dreams and fantasies: “I draw inspiration from my everyday life as a person who loves cats, outer space, physics and women. My sense of humor makes each painting very personal to my life.”

Dripping Cat Woman by Roxanne Mather

Dripping Cat Woman by Roxanne Mather

Although this will be her first artistic contribution to Art Con, Roxanne volunteered last year. “I really enjoyed the theme this year. It challenged me to put a spin on the usual medium I use, and I’m happy with the results.”