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DMA Tempts People With Art Donut, Will Not Let Us Eat It

by Jerome Weeks 4 Jun 2014 2:48 PM

What’s wrong with those people? It’s National Doughnut Day Friday, so the DMA and Hypnotic Donuts whipped up a little edible hommage. But why stop with Georgia O’Keefe?


okeeffedonutbigWhy didn’t the great masters realize they should have made their artworks edible? What were they thinking? Who wouldn’t enjoy a visit to the Dallas Museum of Art more if we could eat our favorite painting? Remember, we’re talking icing here.

So it’s an excuse to pig out and feel culturally improved. On the left is Georgia O’Keefe’s Grey Blue & Black – Pink Circle. On the right is the edible artwork created by Hypnotic Donuts, inspired by the O’Keefe – in honor of National Doughnut Day, Friday, June 6 (yes, there are freebies to be had that day at various doughnut oughtlets). In a blog post on the DMA’s Uncrated blog, Kimberly Daniell, the DMA’s communications manager, explains how she teamed up with the owners of Hypnotic Donuts (and especially designer Trevor Powers) to create the brightly colored little munchable. They toured the DMA’s galleries and selected the O’Keefe for its circular design and iconic nature. Good choice, although we really can’t say how good a choice it was until we taste it.

Two disappointments come with this post, though. First, we don’t get to eat the Ough’Keefe doughnut. The DMA isn’t selling any. Not even at its cafe. It’ll only be on view at Hypnotic, and “at the end of the day, we will think of something special to do with it,” the Hypnotic’s James St. Peter said.

Second, there don’t seem to be any plans to create a future line of sugar-frosted DMA desserts and high-calorie diet-killers.

It’s true much of the DMA collection would not make for particularly appealing munchables. Jackson Pollock’s Portrait and a Dream, for instance, is going to look like a serious kitchen disaster, whatever kind of doughnut you aim for. Personally, though, I think if you confine yourself to the right hand side, you might come up with a terrific paella:

kuspit4-20-6The same problem arises with James Rosenquist’s Paper Clip. Makes you think modern artists never gave a thought about how their work would look after it had been fried and glazed.DMA_Rosenquist-edit1

On the other hand, we could take our cue from some of modern art’s non-representational impulses and aim for a more abstract edible. Just think, for instance, how inspiring Edwin Church’s The Icebergs can be. Forget Krispy Kreme, I say we go for a major Braum’s sundae. Doesn’t that center pile of whipped cream cry out for a cherry on top?

iceberg sundae