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TCU Dance MFA Student stages first solo performance in Dallas

by Danielle Georgiou 29 Apr 2014 1:44 PM

You’ve seen her with Bruce Wood. Tonight, catch work by TCU grad student Alexandra Karigan Farrier.


You might remember Alexandra Karigan (now Farrior) from a very special Christmas dance video that went viral in 2011. Or maybe you saw her on stage last year with Bruce Wood Dance Project. Or maybe you saw her in New York with the Amy Marshall Dance Company. Or maybe you just know her from around town, as Karigan Farrior is once again calling Dallas home. Well, Ft. Worth to be more exact.

Photo by Erik Carter

Photo by Erik Carter

Back from New York after working for a number of years with Amy Marshall, BODYART, and ModArts Dance Collective, Karigan Farrior is working toward a MFA in dance at the TCU School for Classical & Contemporary Dance. Tonight she will present her first Graduate Performance Installation, Seeing You Seeing Me, at 6:30pm at the Studio Theatre of Erma Lowe Hall on the TCU Campus. The original work being presented is the culmination of work done in the Graduate Performance Practicum course with project advisors Dr. Nina Martin and Roma Flowers.

Influenced by texts as part of the course, John Berger’s Ways of Seeing, Richard Schechner’s Performance Studies, and Henry Sayre’s The Object of Performance, Karigan Farrior uses the project as an opportunity to stretch her own ideas about choreography and performance that she has developed through her young professional career. There is a sense of experimentation in the work that she is interested in exploring further, so this is just the first step in a larger project-based work. She is also playing with videography and interactivity, as she is inviting the audience to walk around the studio space and interpret the performance from different angles.

Karigan Farrior and I emailed back and forth last week as she was completing the final preparations for her project.

Danielle Georgiou: How did you choose TCU for graduate school?

Alexandra Karigan Farrior: I found out about the program while I was on tour with BODYART and was won over by their amazing facilities and talented faculty and students! Plus, I wanted to return to Texas to be closer to my family. Going to TCU also allowed me to get involved with the DFW dance community directly and get to know the Ft. Worth scene.

DG:What did your experience in New York and dancing professionally teach you and how has that shaped your role as a graduate student?

AKF: My experience in New York was profound and priceless. It is truly a city unlike any other, especially in regard to dance. My time there taught me that public support and appreciation for art opens doors to limitless opportunities for creativity and expression. Now I am more determined than ever to help increase public support for the arts in North Texas and encourage greater collaboration between dance communities of DFW.

DG: What inspired this project?

AKF: This project is a culmination of work done in the Graduate Performance Practicum course with project advisors Dr. Nina Martin and Roma Flowers. It is influenced by texts used in the course: John Berger’s Ways of Seeing, Richard Schechner’s Performance Studies, and Henry Sayre’s The Object of Performance. I was inspired to explore notions of perception. The exploration helped me appreciate the process of pushing my personal conventions of performance and choreography.

DG: How was the collaborative experience for you?

AKF: It was phenomenal. Nina and Roma were such brilliant collaborators and advisors. Nina has helped guide and encourage me. Roma is such an amazing videographer. Both have been so engaged and excited about this project that it has been such a fulfilling and supportive experience! I’m certain there will be more collaborations in the future.

DG: What do you see you doing/producing in the future?

AKF: I plan to take advantage of my time in grad school to develop my creative toolbox in a supportive and constructive environment. I hope to then use the lessons I learn in grad school to contribute to DFW’s artistic landscape as a dancer and dance educator.

Seeing You Seeing Me is a one-night only show at the Erma Lowe Hall, Studio Theatre, at the TCU Campus. Free admission. Limited seating.