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The Big Screen: A Short Chat About Short Films

by Stephen Becker 27 Mar 2014 8:20 AM

Short films are a staple of film festivals. Ahead of next week’s Dallas International Film Festival, we talk about the form and why shorts are so important for the people who make them.


The Big Screen team has had short films on the brain. That’s partly because this is film festival season around here, without which many short films would never find an audience. Also, Chris is leading a One Day University program on short films on Saturday.

Before you sign up for that, take a listen to today’s conversation, during which we discuss one of the shorts that will show on Saturday, Jason Reitman’s In God We Trust – a film he made way before Juno and Up in the Air. You can actually watch the video above via YouTube, another recent-ish trend that’s getting short films out to a wider audience.

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