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Murderers’ Row Today At Noon On THINK

by Jerome Weeks 11 Mar 2014 9:33 AM

Today, THINK host Krys Boyd will be talking about criticism with a trio of North Texas critics: D magazine’s Nancy Nichols on food, the Star-Telegram‘s Preston Jones on pop music and KERA’s Jerome Weeks about everything else. She’ll ask us how we justify ourselves, didn’t our mothers teach us any better and how do we sleep at night? Highly recommended, five stars.


1891078_10203100822982200_279376208_n1098065_10153141296260089_1421513627_n Today at noon on THINK, host Krys Boyd will be talking with a trio of North Texas critics about how they justify their existence. She’ll be asking such questions as: Didn’t anyone teach them any manners and how do they sleep at night? You may call in, too, but only if you’re my mother. The guilty parties are Nancy Nichols, food and travel editor for Sidedish / D magazine, Preston Jones, culture writer and pop music critic for the Star-Telegram (pictured above) and me, but only because I insisted. Actually, producer Stephen Becker was shooting for a geographic, gender and cultural mix: high, low, male, female, Fort Worth, Dallas. Tune in and listen to the three of us as we wait impatiently for our chance to talk.