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CinéWilde, The Texas Theatre’s New LGBT Film Series

by Dane Walters 8 Jan 2014 4:11 PM

CinèWilde, the Texas Theatre’s new repertory LGBT film series, kicks off this Friday January 10th at 8pm with the 1990 documentary “Paris Is Burning.”


The Texas Theater is kicking off a new LGBT film series on January 10th.  Our friend and event organizer Daniel Laabs sent over this press release:


CinèWilde, the Texas Theatre’s new repertory LGBT film series, kicks off this Friday January 10th at 8pm with the 1990 documentary “Paris Is Burning.” The event will feature a pre-show talk with local drag personalities including (Rodd Gray aka Patti Le Plae Safe), “Paris Is Burning”-themed cocktails and an open- floor runway show where anyone can walk.

CinèWilde seeks to share quality lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender films that reflect the full spectrum of the queer experience including race, gender, age, and socioeconomic status.

Each month the Texas Theater will host a special screening of a topical LGBT- themed film and host an educational talk-back session with special local guests describing the cultural significance of each film. Some screenings will also help raise funds to help give back to local LGBT organizations.

Our inaugural screening will be a newly restored 35mm print of Jennie Livingston’s 1990 Documentary film “Paris Is Burning” which chronicles the mid- to-late 80s New York City ball culture as well as the the African-American, Latino, gay, and transgender communities involved in it.

In spirit of late 1980s ball culture, we will be throwing a Community Ball. The concept is that “Everyone Walks” so we are inviting all to come and participate in the runway activities. Drag Categories will be determined by participants (so making up a new category of drag is absolutely acceptable) and at the end of the Ball our Judges will be awarding trophies.

The Texas Theater has long been dedicated to screening films from LGBT directors and with queer themes. CinèWilde marks the theater’s first foray into bringing the LGBT and other local communities together to explore how sex, gender and sexuality play into the culture at large.

Break down of Inaugural Event on January 10th

8:00 PM – Sign in table opens for Ball participants, all those who wish to walk the runway should sign up prior to the start of the Ball

8:30 PM – Open Discussion CinèWilde Organizer Daniel Villarreal, Rodd Gray (Patti Le Plae Safe), and Chaaz Paulandsandras

9:00 PM – CinèWilde’s presentation of Jennie Livingston’s “Paris Is Burning” on a newly restored 35mm Print

11:30 PM – The inaugural CinèWilde Ball “Everybody Walks” commences… so come prepared to strut, stomp, walk, vogue, etc.

Website and event info:


CinèWilde is…

Daniel Laabs
Programmer & Organizer
[email protected]

Daniel Villareal
Programmer & Organizer
[email protected]

DR Hanson
Programmer & Organizer
[email protected]

Barak Epstein
Director of Texas Theatre
[email protected]