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Meet the Art Con Artists: Kelly Sulak

by Anne Bothwell 8 Nov 2013 3:36 PM

Meet today’s ArtCon artist, and get ready for the main event.


kellysulakphoto (4)

Kelly Sulak.


 Art Con 9 is coming! In the run up to the event Sat. Nov. 16, the team is helping us introduce some of the participating Conspirators. 

Kelly Sulak is an apparel designer by trade and a watercolor artist by practice. As a child, Kelly would spend hours at her neighbor’s house drawing any and everything she could imagine. To this day, she credits her life as an artist to these neighbors and her time spent filling the pages of her little pink binder with drawings. Originally from Houston, Kelly currently lives and paints in Oak Cliff. Her latest project is called Jaden Za Den – Czech for “one per day” – and has her creating one watercolor and/or ink illustration per day for a year. To see some of what she’s created thus far, check out her personal website.

Kelly says she had no idea she could truly live as an artist until her grandmother introduced her to the notion that art and fashion are very much intertwined. Now she designs belts and other accessories professionally and considers the art she creates in her personal time to be the cherry on top of a life she never thought possible. Kelly finds inspiration for her illustrations all around her. She lives in an area surrounded by nature in the middle of a bustling city. She meets and interacts with interesting people every day. She experiences life, in good times and bad. And she is inspired to create.

Kelly has attended Art Con in years past, but this will be her first year to participate as an artist. She’s excited to work alongside so many other talented artists in such a creative environment and draw new inspiration from the experience. Her contribution to this year’s Art Con is titled Scenic Texture and pays homage to the nature (birds and their songs specifically) surrounding her so close to the heart of a bustling metropolis.