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Expanded Cinema: Meet Bart Weiss

by Anne Bothwell 3 Oct 2013 4:11 PM

Here’s a bit more about Bart Weiss and the piece he and collaborators made for Expanded Cinema.


Expanded Cinema happens Friday night at the Omni Hotel.


Artist: Bart Weiss

From: Dallas

Collaborators: Mark Clive (graphic support) and Micah Hayes (music)

The piece: “Watching”

“Watching” takes the scale of the largest screen in the southwest and gives us the visceral sense of what if feels like to be watched, observed and categorized. It transforms the data we produce and consume into the face of biggest brother, eyeing our every digital move.

 Bio: Bart Weiss is an award-winning independent film and video producer, director, editor and educator, who has lived in Dallas since 1981. He is mostly known as the director and founder of the Dallas VideoFest. He produces the TV show “Frame of Mind” on KERA TV in Dallas, and is the artistic Director of 3 Stars Cinema. He has traveled to Nigeria Pakistan and China to show Amerian Documentaries for the US State Department. He has taught film and video at Texas A&M’s Visualization Lab, Southern Methodist University, the University of Texas at Austin, and West Virginia State College, and is currently an Associate Professor at UT Arlington. He is a former President of the Association of Independent Video and Filmmakers (AIVF), former (and founding) board member Dallas Artists Research and Exhibition (DARE), past Vice President of the Texas Association of Film and Tape Professionals (TAFTP), founder and past President of the West Virginia Filmmakers’ Guild, and co-founder of the Dallas Video Festival and the Video Association of Dallas. He has been a video columnist for The Dallas Morning News, Dallas Times Herald, and United Features Syndicate. Bart received an MFA in Film Directing from Columbia University in 1978 and a B.A. in Radio TV and Film from Temple University in 1975.

Below Bart chats with Expanded Cinema curator Mona Kasra.