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Thursday Morning Roundup

by Stephen Becker 12 Sep 2013 7:31 AM

Meeting FWSO’s conductor-in-residence, Tina Parker’s possible TV gig and previewing a big dance performance Saturday.


FWSO’S MUSIC MAN: For the new season, Irishman Donnacha Dennehy will serve as the Fort Worth Symphony’s composer-in-residence. And beginning Friday, you’ll get a taste of his work when the orchestra performs its Strauss & Dennehy program. Dennehy’s contribution is a song cycle called That The Night Come, based on poetry by his countryman William Butler Yeats. “Yeats is a poet that we grow up with in Ireland. His poetry is in your bloodstream,” Dennehy tells “So I chose poems [for this work] that resonated deeply with me. I had a strong emotional response to those texts. They reveal some of these obsessions of Yeats. Things like his anger at time fleeting, and the lack of permanence in life.”

TINA ON TV: The big news Wednesday for Breaking Bad fans is that its spin-off – dedicated to seedy lawyer Saul Goodman – is a go. It’ll be called Better Call Saul and air on AMC. Which raises an obvious question of local interest: Will Kitchen Dog artistic director Tina Parker, who plays Saul’s receptionist on Breaking Bad, make the transition to the new show? Parker tells that she doesn’t know just yet. Fingers crossed.

QUOTABLE: “I think my movement is human in a way that it reaches out to the everyday person and it’s not meant to confuse. I really believe that dance should be for everyone and it shouldn’t be something you need a strong background in understanding movement to appreciate. It should be something anyone can be inspired by and find interesting.”

– Jessica Lang, founder of Jessica Lang Dance, which performs Saturday at the Winspear. There’s more from Lang at