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Friday Morning Roundup

by Stephen Becker 16 Aug 2013 7:32 AM

Opening night at VideoFest, a Coppell native’s new documentary and the history of Fort Worth lawmen.


DVF26: Dallas VideoFest has announced some of the titles that will roll at this year’s event. The opening night film will be True Tales, produced locally by AMS Pictures. It tells the story of  Nancy Myers, a.k.a. “Tammi True,” a dancer at Jack Ruby’s Carousel Club. Opening night will be at Gilley’s Dallas, and Myers will be in attendance for a Q&A. The rest of the festival will play at the new Alamo Drafthouse. The rest of those early titles – which includes a new doc from Alan Govenar – should be up at soon.

TEACH THE CHILDREN WELL: It wasn’t too long ago (2003) that Lindsay Chinn was sitting in a Coppell High School classroom. She’s now leading her own classroom in Denver, and she’s also one of the subjects of a new television documentary, Teach, that will air on CBS this fall. You can watch a trailer over on KERA’s education blog.

COW TOWN COPS: In Written in Blood: The History of Fort Worth’s Fallen Lawmen, Volume 2, Fort Worth authors Richard Selcer and Kevin Foster look at 13 peace officers who confronted some of the era’s toughest criminals. All of them lost their lives on the job. And in his fwweekly review, Edward Brown writes that the book is both insightful and a solid read. “Written in Blood seamlessly blends history and excellent prose. Each vignette is story-driven yet also makes clear the authors’ sympathies toward the underprivileged poor and minorities that swelled Fort Worth’s early ghettos. The book offers food for thought about our modern justice system and how it has improved (or not) in the century that followed. In all, the authors make history into pretty great reading,” he writes.