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Thursday Morning Roundup

by Stephen Becker 15 Aug 2013 7:50 AM

A grizzly comedy at Circle Theatre, David Lowery on film editing and the DMA's temporary conservation space.


GRIZZLY DETAILS: In Circle Theatre”s Exit, Pursued By a Bear, a woman takes revenge on her abusive husband by duct taping him to a chair, covering him with honey and waiting around for th local bear to show up. It sounds gruesome, but Lauren Gunderson”s play is actually a comedy. “I think fear and frustration are immobilizers; they make us stay put. But comedy and humor and wit are the things that catalyze us into motion; they’re very dynamic,” she tells “So if fear is a stabilizer and comedy is a de-stabilizer, then I wanted to use this comedic sense to laugh at the idiots, the cruel idiots who create this terrible reality all over the world.” The play opens tonight.

DOUBLE DAVID: We”ve been hearing a lot about Dallas director David Lowery lately, and we”re going to keep hearing plenty from him ahead of the release next week of his Ain”t Them Bodies Saints. Today, he pops up in a Filmmaker magazine story talking specifically about editing Saints. “With this movie in particular, there was a really fine line between narrative importance and tonal importance, because the narrative was so simple that from the outset, there were scenes that I wrote that were intended not to further the plot, but merely to influence the tone,” he says. And if you want to study up a little on Lowery”s editing style, a short that he edited – Knife – is . It was directed by Fort Worth”s James Johnston and stars Charles Baker, who you know better as Skinny Pete from Breaking Bad.

A QUICK TOUCH UP: On Tuesday, we pointed to an update on the Dallas Museum of Art”s new conservation studio. But the museum”s not waiting “til November to get to work on some restoration projects. It”s installed a temporary conservation space in the Chilton Galleries, where staff is hard at work restoring Daniel Buren”s Sanction of the Museum, which the DMA recently acquired. Photos detailing the process are up on the museum”s Uncrated blog.