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Wednesday Morning Roundup

by Stephen Becker 7 Aug 2013 7:34 AM

Indie movies by North Texas directors are hot this month, plus a recommendation for Museum Tower.


TEXAS ON SCREEN: Indiewire is the go-to source for news and reviews of independent film. So when the site’s critics make recommendations, they’re worth a look. Recently, the site listed The 7 Films You Must See This August. And two films with North Texas ties make the list. First up is Ain’t Them Bodies Saints (Aug. 23), directed by Dallas’ David Lowery. “Indie multi-hyphenate (and editor of Upstream Color) David Lowery’s outlaw romance was one of the most highly regarded and eagerly anticipated films to come out of Sundance this year,” the site notes. Also making the list: Prince Avalanche (Aug. 16), by Richardson native David Gordon Green. Green took home the Silver Bear award for best director at this year’s Berlinale.

MORE DGG: And seeing as that Prince Avalanche is a no-budget kinda film, Green has been making the media rounds of late. He was featured in The New York Times recently and told the paper he takes an aw shucks approach to his career. “I just like all types of movies, so I’ve never really categorized myself. It’s funny when you get to the point in your career when people expect certain things from you. And you’re like, it’s weird that anyone is even watching what I’m doing. Because my goals are always to disappear into my movies.” And he also spent a week putting together a cultural diary of everything he consumed in a week for New York magazine. You might be interested to know that at 7 a.m. on July 16, he was listening to Richard Pryor’s No Pryor Restraint: Life in Concert. “Pryor is my favorite actor of all time. I’m thinking maybe I should make a movie just about Richard Pryor when he was shooting David Lynch’s Lost Highway,” he writes.

NEW BLOOD: The Dallas Morning News editorial board gives a thumbs up to Dallas Mayor Mike Rawlings’ reshuffling of the Dallas Police and Fire Pension System board. And it continues to put pressure on Museum Tower to make things right with the Nasher. “The pension system stubbornly maintains that the problem of sunlight bouncing off the Museum Tower’s glass-wrapped exterior and into the Nasher’s galleries would be solved if the Nasher changed out its roof. That ignores the fact that the Nasher was an Arts District mainstay when the luxury tower was designed and built. The responsibility to make the nuisance go away shouldn’t be sloughed off to neighbors,” the board writes. In a related note, if you’re looking for a quick catch me up on this ongoing story, there’s a pretty good one on