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Tuesday Morning Roundup

by Stephen Becker 6 Aug 2013 7:54 AM

A laptop symphony is coming to Fort Worth, the DMA digs further into its archives and words with Fly playwright Rajiv Joseph.


DIGITAL SOUNDS: On Saturday, the Modern Art Museum of Fort Worth welcomes the Cincinnati Composers Laptop Orchestra Project for the Applause Music Festival. And, as its name suggests, the group turns laptops into musical instruments. So what does that sound like? “Free jazz is a pretty good comparison some of the time,” the group’s director, Joel Matthys, tells “We do some improvisational pieces where, instead of improvising on a melody, we’re improvising on sound files. Other pieces are sort of like percussion ensemble pieces. Some of them are sort of amusing. Others have a pretty, pulsating, minimalist feel. Yeah, free jazz is a pretty good description.”

BITS OF HISTORY: If you’ve checked out “DallasSITES” at the Dallas Museum of Art, you’ve surely stopped to check out the collection of art show flyers and posters that mark the entry to the exhibition. There’re are dozens and dozens of them, but the truth is, the pieces on display represent only a fraction of the notices in the DMA’s collection. And so the museum’s digital archivist, Hillary Bober, has posted pics on the DMA’s Uncrated blog of some of her favorite pieces that didn’t make it on the wall.

QUOTABLE: “This theater is incredible. It’s going to be hard to replicate this in New York if we end up going there. Those theaters don’t have the space and the intimacy. Consider the enormous amount of stage space and fly space and wing space of this theater, and then add to that it’s very intimate crowd seating; it’s beautiful.”

– Rajiv Joseph, who wrote Fly, which is currently on the Wyly Theatre stage. Joseph talks more about how he adapted the Peter Pan story with